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Random Sandstone Hammered Edge Stone

Looking for a natural stone look with the durability of concrete? Our Random Sandstone Hammered Edge is one of our most popular patterns. This stamp comes in 3 versions (see Random Sandstone Groutable & Random Sandstone Wide Joint). Each stamp consists of 6 natural stones ranging in size from 9" x 10.5" to the larger 13" x 19". As with all Proline patterns, this stamp comes in a thin-flex mat for finishing edges and against walls. This is a favorite among home owners, as it looks beautiful with any type of home design.
Size: 34" x 36"

Random Sandstone Hammered Edge


San Diego Flagstone Concrete Stamp

San Diego, CA is home-sweet-home to our brand new flagstone. With 39.5" stones, this pattern is sure to impress the neighbors. San Diego Flagstone pattern is able to rotate 360 degrees with a natural fractured edge, you may not even know its decorative concrete. If you like large stones, check out the rest of our Grand Series, including the Grand garden stone, and of course the Connors Quarry stone.

Size: 26" X 56"

Available Size / Series:
Large stone measures: 26.5" X 39.5"
Small stone measures: 8.5" X 16.5"

San Diego Flagstone Concrete Stamps

Arizona Flagstone Concrete Stamp

Arizona Flagstone, one of our "Signature" pieces, offers the realistic look of Flagstone with the durability and low cost of concrete. This is one of the stamps that has made Proline a leader in the decorative concrete world. This lovely pattern will compliment driveways, walkways and patios with its natural beauty. This pattern consists of a 3 separate stamps, allowing for random placement of stone.
Size: 36" X 52"

Arizona Flagstone

Santa Fe Stone Large

A natural stone with a exclusive characteristic. Our Santa Fe Random Pattern comes in 3 sizes of stone- small, medium and large- with a light sandstone background. What makes this pattern unique is that the 3 sizes are interchangeable- for a truly random natural look. Consider using our Santa Fe Random Stone Large alone, or with our Santa Fe Random Stone Medium, in a driveway leading into a walkway with our Santa Fe Random Stone Small. Scale up or down- it's so easy with Proline's Santa Fe Stone Series. Added bonus: each size comes in 2 different color-coded patterns, allowing for a more random pattern. Stones vary in size from 22.5" x 25" to 24" x 25.5".
Size: 41" X 41"

Santa Fe Random Stone

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