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Compass Medallion Stamp

You'll never loose your way with Proline's new Compass Medallion concrete stamp. In lieu of extensive saw cutting, this 4 ft. diameter stamp will make application a breeze. Our new water-based acrylic stains and antiquing system makes it easy to color.

Compass Medallion


Yin-Yang Medallion Concrete Stamp

The Yin Yang symbolizes heaven and earth or the opposing but complementary forces said to be found in the universe. This 4 ft. diameter Medallion is a combination of Roman Slate and Italian Slate. This stamp is easy to color using our new EZ-Accent water-based stain.

Yin Yan Stamp


Old World Medallion Stamp

Proline's beautiful Old World Medallion can enhance the look of any area, indoors or out. This Medallions embodies the very definition of refinement. Note the fine details of contrasting background textures. Simple to color with Proline's new EZ-Accent water based stain and EZ-Tique, our water based Antiquing system. This pattern consists of 4 separate parts for easy installation.
Size: 92" point to point

Old World Medallion


5 Point Star Medallion

The 5 point Star can be traced to ancient Greece, with magical associations. This piece is 4 ft. in diameter. Easy to color with Proline's new EZ-Accent water-based acrylic stain.
Size: 4 ft. diameter

5 Point Star Stamp


Sun Stamp Medallion

Apollo is the greek sun god, bringing life-giving heat and light to earth. This sun is set inside a 3 ft. diameter stamp. The background texture is Italian Slate. Use our reactive stains or our new easy-to-use water-based acrylic stains, EZ-Accent. Add this beautifully carved stamp to any home or business for a real "sizzling" look. Proline also offers this same look as a skin, without the circle. See "Flaming Sun". If you love sun patterns, also check out our brand new Seamless Design, Spiral Sun.
Size: 3 ft. diameter

Sun Medallion Stamp


Aztec Calendar Stamp

The Aztec Calendar is the calendar system that was used by the Aztecs as well as other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico. Due to the high demand for this stamp, Proline has added this beautiful 4 ft. diameter stamp in their newest collection of Medallions. Beautifully detailed and artfully carved, this piece will be a stunning addition to any home or business. Easily colored with our new EZ-Accent water-based acrylic stains.
Size: 4 ft. diameter

Aztec Calendar

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