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Proline's Edge Liners are flexible, reusable liners that transfer a texture to edges, corners and risers of cast in place steps, counter tops, pool copings and wall caps. Proline's Edgeliners are made of high quality & lightweight polyurethane for extreme durability resulting in a variety of lifelike natural stone textures. Proline also offers them in a variety of profiles and textures. Textures include Roman Slate, Denali, Yosemite Stone and Yukon. Profiles include: FLAT, HAMMERED EDGE AND BULL NOSED. Unique to the industry, Proline's Edge Liners are designed to FIT FORM LUMBER.

Proline Edgeliner Denail Texture: Proline's most rugged and aggressive texture.

Proline Edgeliner Yukon Texture: Jagged Edge, slightly less concentrated than the Denali texture.

Proline Edgeliner Roman Slate Texture: Proline's most popular time-honored classic.

Proline Edgeliner Yosemite Texture: A light Granite texture and easily holds color.

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