Product: Heavy Duty STERLING Contractor Wheelbarrows

Description: Heavy Duty STERLING Contractor Wheelbarrows outlast, outperform all other brands on the job. Special deep narrow tray design plus Far Forward position on undercarriage means EASIER Lifting and Transport.  Carry Heavier Loads with Less Effort.  Tire options include pneumatic and No Flats guaranteed with our molded polyurethane POLY-U® tire. Rollbar Support Unit, (RSU Option) for faster, easier load discharge and unit assembly. Standard ball bearing hub.

Heavy Duty STERLING Contractor Wheelbarrows have their advantages, like one piece welded leg unit, 1/4" wheel guard, routed wood handles that seat to leg unit, and 80% of load over tires. 

1. Steel Tray Wheelbarrows ... READ MORE

Sterling durability starts with using heavy gauge steel. Trays of 16 gauge steel are cut, formed and folded to produce a double lapped thickness, multi spot welded, at rim and body sides where competitive units often first deform. Rim is further reinforced with continuous 5/16" rod butt welded. Competitive trays using thinner gauge, further weakened by the deep drawing process, cannot be compared with Sterling. One piece welded 10 gauge U-channel leg unit fits into routed wood handles or heavy duty pipe handle/frame, V-shaped front tray braces plus under tray support plate add to overall unit durability. Read more ...

2. Poly Tray Wheelbarrows  ... READ MORE

Heavy duty contractor wheelbarrows with Sterling-Lite Plus trays offer a lighter weight, no rust alternative to steel trayed units without sacrificing long in-service life. Special Extra High Density Polyethylene compound for high strength, low temperature impact resistance and maximum durability. UV stabilized and black color for maximum protection against ultra violent rays. 10 year limited warranty. Read More ....

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