Product: EnviroSafe Trojan Masonry SealerTM

Description: Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer  is a penetrating polyester polymer and water-based polyurethane used to seal and waterproof all types of concrete slabs, walkways, driveways, brick and block walls, stucco and other types of cement such as ferro cement, flying cement and shot-crete. It also prepares the surface for finish coatings such as our Exterior Elastomeric Wall Coating.

A water dispersed polyester polymer and water-borne polyurethane that when dry forms
a monolithic barrier that fills the voids and coats the interior particles of the concrete matrix and helps to reduce vapor transmission in concrete and masonry. Trojan Masonry SealerTM is Building Green approved.

Typical uses include:

For industrial, commercial and residential use on sidewalks, driveways, buildings, floors, ramps, brick pavers, stucco, cinder block on bridges, parking decks, basements, roads, etc. Low odor-Use inside or outside on new or old masonry.

Trojan Masonry Sealer is NOT intended for use in areas that will be continually submerged in water, such as pools, ponds and tanks. Trojan may, however, be used on the outside of these structures


  • Penetrates and helps to eliminate deterioration of the surface.
  • Waterproofs masonry surfaces.
  • Ideal preparation for walls or floors prior to surface applications of coatings such as:
    • oil base paint
    • epoxy
    • urethanes
    • acrylics
  • Reduces the hydration of water through the surface as evidenced by calcium chloride tests.
  • Helps to reduce efflorescence when applied to mortar joints protecting the brick or stone from the "white bloom".
  • Is NOT a surface coating, therefore does not wear away as other coatings do.
  • Penetrates into the masonry to seal from within.
  • Waterproofs concrete, cement, brick, stucco, plaster, mortar, terrazzo and most natural stones.
  • Permanently waterproofs walls and floors, inside and outside, damp or dry, new or old, above grade or below grade.
  • Keeps out dampness and seals floors or walls and makes floors impervious to many liquids.
  • Stops the mortar between bricks and building blocks from deteriorating and dusting away.
  • Increases the tensile strength and prevents concrete floors from surfaces cracking, crumbling, dusting and rutting It increases the wearing quality of the surface and does not make the floor slippery or change the surface texture.
  • Applies to new (10-14 days old) concrete, allows it to cure properly by slowing down the drying process thereby decreasing hairline cracks and dusting. (Should have Envirosafe pH reducer applied first)
  • Eliminates dampness thereby prevents saponification of paint by stopping the leaching of the lime and alkali into the oils of the paint, enabling the paint to last from 2 to 5 times longer (use only moisture resistant paint such as acrylic, oil based or epoxy)
  • Is ready to use. No mixing required. Dries quickly so down time of project is kept to a minimum.


  • Apply in good weather when air and surface temperatures are above 45 deg. F. Temperature must remain above 40 deg. F for 24 hours after application.
  • For optimum application properties, materials should be between 70 to 90 deg. F prior to application.
  • Maintain unused materials in closed containers in protected storage at 40 to 90 deg. F.
  • If concrete has a slick glossy surface, it should first be de-glossed with either Envirosafe Rust Stain Remover or Envirosafe Enviro Etch to remove the sheen and give the surface a slight 'tooth'. Rinse thoroughly.
  • To paint over a Trojan treated area, use only a good quality moisture resistant acrylic or oil based paint.
  • Latex paint makes a weak bond. Do not use Latex paint over Trojan Masonry Sealer in an exterior application.


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Trojan Masonry Sealer
Trojan Masonry Sealer

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