J29 A Weather Worker S-100

Product: Water Repellents Weather Worker S-100 (J-29-A)


Description: Weather Worker S-100 (J-29-A) is a proprietary, 100% silane that penetrates into concrete or masonry and provides true long term weatherproofing protection. Weather Worker S-100 is a single component product that is ready to use and typically requires only one application. The small silane molecule can penetrate deeper into the substrate than conventional sealers and even deeper than a typical siloxane sealer. Once the silane molecule penetrates the surface it chemically reacts with, and bonds to, the concrete or masonry substrate.
As a result of the strong chemical bond and the silane molecule being buried in the substrate (away from the damaging effects of the sun and weather), the silane waterproof protection will last much longer than conventional coatings.
Weather Worker S-100 will not darken the surface or leave a visible surface  film. It is ideal for aesthetic/architectural surfaces.
In independent testing, Weather Worker allowed perfect moisture vapor transmission (breathing) of the substrate. The ability to breathe helps prevent potential freeze thaw damage to the substrate.

Purpose: Weather Worker S-100 provides outstanding long term weatherproof protection for all types of concrete and masonry surfaces. In independent testing done according to the N.C.H.R.P. Report 244 (for State Highway Departments and Federal Highway Administration), Weather Worker S-100 passed the water absorption phase (Series II) and the accelerated weather phase (Series IV). During the test, Weather Worker S-100 reduced chloride ion intrusion into the concrete by over 90%. This type of protection will dramatically increase the life expectancy of concrete and masonry. S-100 dries quickly, allowing traffi c to resume over the treated surface. It can be applied in cold temperatures down to 32°F (0°C).

Weather Worker S-100 protects the following types of new or old structures:

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Precast and prestressed concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Brick, mortar, stucco, sandstone

Weather Worker S-100 prevents or inhibits:

  • Moisture penetration
  • Attack by deicing salts and chlorine ions
  • Reinforcing steel and precast anchor corrosion leading to rust staining
  • Mildew and leaching
  • Attack by airborne industrial chemicals
  • Spalling caused by freeze-thaw cycles
  • Efflorescence
  • Surface scaling


  • Small silane molecules result in deep penetration
  • Outstanding protection against deicing salts and chloride ions (over 90% reduction)
  • No masking or cleaning of windows
  • No color change – will not darken surface
  • Strong chemical bond to the substrate
  • Can be applied down to 32°F (0°C).
  • Dries quickly – open to traffi c within one hour
  • Improves adhesion for solvent based paints
  • Extended warranties are available with
  • Weather Worker S-100. Contact Dayton Superior.




Technical Datasheet:
J-29 Weather Worker
J-29 Weather Worker

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