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Norton Clipper Early Entry Walk Behind saw GC55



Norton Clipper Early Entry / Green and Decorative Saws GC55 Saw

Contractors need a saw that is versatile enough to reduce costs, allows them to handle multiple job requirements, and performs with long lasting quality. The Norton GC55 is the perfect companion for green concrete, decorative concrete, and even cured concrete cutting applications. Read More ...




Norton High Speed Saw CP514

Norton Clipper GC514 High Speed Saw

Contractors never have to worry about poor starts, wrong fuel mixes, choking, or clogged filters with the new Norton Clipper CP500 series of cut-off saws. Our saws are built to withstand the demands of today’s jobsite with raw, rugged power that truly delivers. You can have ordinary or you can have a cut above in performance of Norton Clipper equipment and blade technologies that get you on and off the job quickly. For a better option, make the switch to Norton. Read More ...

Norton Clipper CE414-350 Electric High-speed Handheld saw

The new Norton Clipper CE414-350 electric high-speed hand-held saw is stronger than the competition. Its powerful 4.2HP motor delivers on the jobsite with a fast cut and ease of operator use. Add on unique design features that keep your saw from motor damage or stalling out and your maintenance needs become fewer and far between. Finish with an unprecedented warranty and you’ll wonder why you’d choose anything but Norton. Read More ...








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