Product: ProSpec® Level Set 200

Description: ProSpec® Level Set 200 is a polymer-modified, rapid setting, portland cement-based self-leveling underlayment for interior applications.


  • Rapid Cure Technology (RCT)TM
  • Low in place cost—easy to use
  • No troweling required—self-leveling
  • Rapid early strength gain
  • Very fluid, ideal for pouring and pumping
  • Install tile in 4 hours and moisture-sensitive floor covering in 16-24 hours
  • Compatible with epoxy, urethane and other resin-based systems
  • Dimensionally stable (no dusting)
  • Superior bond
  • No sanding or grinding
  • Floor covering adhesive compatible
  • Applications from feather edge to 5"
  • Does not promote the growth of mold or mildew
  • No sanding or grinding required


Designed for interior use in leveling uneven rough concrete, camber problems and plywood floor. Wooden floors (requires metal lathe)
Use over ceramic tile and terrazzo to provide a smooth even finish

Colors: Gray

Packages: 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag

Technical Datasheet:
Level Set 200
Level Set 200
Level Set 200 Specs

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