Simpson Strongtie Anchoring systems

Simpson Strong-Tie Anchoring and fastening systems

Mechanical Anchors

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide assortment of mechanical anchors for light, medium and heavy duty applications in base materials such as concrete, masonry and drywall. For applications where there is concern about the risk of concrete cracking, specific anchors have been designed and tested to offer increased reliability.

Medium to Light Duty Mechanical Anchors

 Crimp Multi Purpose Anchors  Easy-Set - Pin Drive Expansion Anchor  ESAESA - Expansion Screw Anchor
 Heli-TieHeli-Tie™ - Helical Wall Tie  Heli-Tie

Heli-Tie™ - Helical Stitching Tie

 HWAHWA - Hollow Wall Anchor

LSES - Lag Screw Expansion Shield

 MSD/CSD/DSDMSD/CSD/DSD  - Split Drive Anchors  NailonNailon - Pin Drive Anchor
 PSAPSATG - Plastic Screw Anchor  SMSA/DSMASMSA/DSMA - Machine Screw Anchors  SWTBSWTB - Spring Wing Toggle Bolt
 Sure-WallSure-Wall - Drywall Anchor  TitenTiten® - Concrete & Masonry Screws  TitenTiten® - Stainless Steel Concrete & Masonry Screws

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