Product: Stampable Overlays CSI

Description: CSI Stampable Overlay transforms simple flooring into an appealing expanse of imprinted artwork. This product was created to bond with most structurally sound substrates and can be textured ¼ “to 5/8” thick with most standard imprinting tools for the illusion of authentic, hand-laid stone or brickwork. CSI Stampable overlay is a polymer-modified cement-based system that is mixed with clean water on the job site. CSI Stampable Overlay Primer diluted 1:1 with water is required as primer prior to application. CSI Stampable Overlay can be pre-colored or colored on site using a pre-weighed tint pack.


  • CSI Stampable Overlay is available in many standard colors.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay can be modified to set faster or slower by using common concrete admixtures like Fritzpak set retarder or non chloride set accelerator.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay is a zero VOC product that contributes toward LEED's points.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay is a decorative overlayment that looks like imprinted concrete and functions as a durable concrete surface. It is not designed to provide a smooth finish surface.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay is ideal for interior as well as exterior applications.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay can be installed over a rigid waterproof membrane system to provide a composition waterproof decorative floor finish.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay provides a fast track construction option by allowing the delay of decorative flooring installation until after the initial heavy construction is complete. This eliminates the need to invest in protection of the surface and greatly reduces damage from construction-related traffic
  • CSI Stampable Overlay may be applied in thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 1/4-inch thick to a maximum of 5/8-inch thick. The recommended application is 3/8- to 1/2-inch thick.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay Powder is available in white or gray base.
  • CSI Stampable Overlay can be pre colored or colored on site by using CSI Stampable
  • Overlay tint packs.


  • The substrate temperature should range from 65-80 °F. A warm substrate decreases the
    material’s pot life and can cause mixes to be sticky. A cooler substrate will retard the cure
    and may cause a blush in some sealers. Never apply CSI Stampable Overlay to substrates below 55 °F.
  • Keep the unfinished flooring surface clean.
  • Do not track dirt, grease or any other contaminants onto the unfinished flooring
    surface. Any contaminants could affect the aesthetics of the finished flooring.
  • Good ventilation must be provided during application.
  • This application is not designed to bridge cracks, working joints, dynamic cracks or expansion joints.

CSI Stampable Overlay Liquid Primer is available in 1- and 5-gallon pails.

Powder: CSI Stampable Overlay Powder uncolored is available in 50-pound bags of gray or white base; CSI Stampable Overlay Powder precolored is available in 50-pound bags.


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CSI Stampable Overlay
CSI Stampable Overlay

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