Green Product Think Green Product: Polyurea 5000

Description: Polyurea 5000 is a two component, ultra high solids, aliphatic polyurea/polyaspartic hybrid. Unique new resin chemistry has provided the raw materials to formulate this coating that gives the desirable properties of polyester-polyurethane materials with greatly reduced odor and less film thickness limitations. Polyurea 5000 is a low viscosity, easy to handle product that gives very high gloss finishes that are both hard and abrasion resistant. This material releases soils easily and has excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. Unlike conventional polyurea materials, Polyurea 5000 has enough work time to be applied by brush and roller. It is available in both a regular cure and a fast cure version for use in rapid turnaround projects. The fast cure material may be used at temperatures as low as 20ºF. For exterior applications, a UV stabilizer package is incorporated to ensure long-term gloss retention and resistance to yellowing.

Purpose: Polyurea 5000 was developed as a high performance top coat in various protective coatings and seamless flooring applications. Because of its low solvent content, it may be applied heavier in one coat than conventional solvent or water-based polyurethanes. Applications that required two or more top coats can now be done in a single application resulting in savings of both time and labor. Polyurea 5000 is ideally suited for use as a finish coat in color chip and color quartz flooring, automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars, clean rooms and various types of decorative architectural concrete applications.


  • Do not use on unprimed substrates.
  • Do not allow to puddle. Film thickness must not exceed 16 mils.

Kit Sizes:

  • 1 1/4 Gallons
  • 25 Gallons

Color & Finishes:

Available only clear Color
Satin and Gloss finish
Fast Cure

Technical Datasheet:

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