Product: J-29 Weather Worker S-40

Penetrating Silane Sealer, No Cleaning or Masking of Windows.

Purpose: Weather Worker S-40 is a proprietary 40% silane that penetrates into concrete or masonry and provides long term weatherproofing protection. Weather Worker S-40 is a single component product that is ready to use and typically requires only one application. During application of Weather Worker S-40, no masking or cleaning of windows is necessary and metal areas are unaffected. Labor savings alone can save up to 70% of installation time. The silane molecule can penetrate deeper into the substrate than conventional sealers and even deeper than a typical siloxane sealer. Once the silane molecule penetrates the surface it chemically reacts with, and bonds to, the concrete or masonry substrate. As a result of the strong chemical bond, silane waterproof protection will last many times longer than conventional coatings. Weather Worker S-40 will not darken the surface or leave a visible surface film. It is ideal for aesthetic/architectural surfaces.

In independent testing, Weather Worker S-40 allowed perfect moisture vapor transmission or “breathing” of the substrate. This ability to breathe helps prevent potential freeze-thaw damage.

J-29 protects many types of surfaces:

  •  Cast-In-Place and Precast Concrete
  •  Exposed Aggregate
  •  Brick and Mortar
  •  Stucco and Sandstone
Weather Worker J-29 Prevents or Inhibits:
  • Moisture Penetration
  • Attack by Deicing Salts and Chloride Ions
  • Reinforcing Steel and Precast Anchor Corrosion
  • Mildew and Leaching
  • Attack by Airborne Industrial Chemicals
  • Spalling Caused by Freeze-Thaw Cycles
  • Efflorescence
  • Surface Scaling


  • No masking or cleaning of windows
  • Small silane molecules result in deep penetration
  • Outstanding protection against deicing salts and chloride ions (over a 90% reduction)
  • Passes the N.C.H.R.P Report 244
  • Will not change the traction or skid resistance of a surface
  • No color change/will not darken surface
  • Strong chemical bond to the substrate
  • Can be applied down to 32°F (0°C)
  • Dries quickly, can be reopened to traffic within one hour
  • Improves adhesion for solvent based paints


  • Apply only between 32°F -100°F (0°C-38°C).
  • Do not apply to a damp or wet surface.
  • Cover and protect all grass, shrubs, plants, etc. from overspray.
  • Do not spray onto plastic or specialty coated glass, protect all asphalt based materials and painted surfaces.
  • Keep containers tightly sealed when not in use.
  • Store in a dry location with a temperature range between 0°F (-18°C) to 110°F (43°C)
  • Not for use on porous concrete block.


Technical Datasheet:
J-29 Weather Worker
J-29 Weather Worker
Guide to water repellents:
Guide to water repellents

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