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Description: Epoxy 600 is a solvent-free, high performance resin system designed to give improved chemical resistance over standard Bisphenol A based epoxy materials. It has excellent resistance to corrosive food acids, most solvents, 50% sulfuric acid and 15% acetic acid. Epoxy 600 features low viscosity, good troweling characteristics, blush-free cures and good resistance to ambering for an epoxy material. The regular cure material bonds to damp concrete. A fast cure hardener is available where cold weather cure, (down to 40 degrees), or accelerated room temperature cure is required Epoxy 600 was formulated for use as an aggregate binder or top coat where service conditions are too severe for general purpose epoxies, but the performance of Novolac materials is not required.


Purpose: Epoxy 600 is especially recommended for use in commercial kitchens. Other areas of use would include food and beverage processing plants, battery rooms, wineries, breweries and dairies.




  • Should be applied only with aggregate fillers in flooring applications where impact or mechanical abuse is anticipated.

Kit Sizes:

  • 1 1/2 Gallons
  • 15 Gallons

Color & Finishes:

16 standard colors available plus clear.
Also available in Fast Cure

Technical Datasheet:
Epoxy 600
Epoxy 600 Clear
Epoxy 600 Fast Cure
Epoxy 600 Pigmented

Standard Color Chart

Arizona Polymer Flooring offers these colors in all of our pigmented polymer coatings; Epoxy, Polyureathane, Polyurea and Acrylic.
Colors shown are approximate. Colors provided may vary depending on the coating system and normal production tolerance.

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APF Standard Color Chart
* A premium will be charged for these colors.

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