Epoxy 100Epoxy 100 is a two component waterbased epoxy system

Epoxy 200Epoxy 200 is a two component water-based epoxy with excellent adhesion and rapid cure times

Epoxy 300Epoxy 300 Flex is a 100% solids, medium viscosity, flexible epoxy system.

Epoxy 400Epoxy 400 is a low viscosity, 100% solids resin system

Epoxy 550Epoxy 550 is a high solids, low odor material

Epoxy 600: Epoxy 600 is a solvent-free, high performance resin system

Epoxy Novolac 900Epoxy Nolovac 900 is a solvent-free, multi-functional epoxy system 

Spec Cote WB™: is a two component water based high performance, VOC compliant interior floor coating.


  • Chem Systems

Helix Epoxie Bonder: is a two component, water reducible epoxy primer designed as an adhesion promoter between Helix cement-based overlay toppings or opaque coatings, and hard surface substrates. Helix Epoxy Bonder acts as membrane forming primer, at the same time penetrating the surface of the substrate to promote strong adhesion.

Helix Quartzite: The system is comprised of a primer, aggregate body coat, and optional clear top coat. It is applied 1/16 to 1/8 inch thick and can be finished smooth or textured for slip resistance.

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