Objective of a form release:

  • To break the bond between the form & the concrete
  • Not add, nor subtract, anything from the concrete
  • Prolong the life of the forms by reducing the required cleaning
  • Reduces the surface tension at the form interface, allowing air to migrate upward helping to reduce the bug holes
  • 3 basic types of release:
    • Reactive Release … use fatty acids that produce a chemical reaction when in contact with alkali (concrete) that produces a soap like residue.
    • Buffered Release … not as chemically reactive & more ‘forgiving’ if over applied
    • Barrier Release … no fatty acids, no reaction, no ‘soap’


J-1-A Clean Strip: Release Agent: it's a V.O.C. compliant, economical petroleum based, chemically reactive concrete form release supplied ready-to-use.


Informative Information

Guide to Form Releases

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