Product: Smith’s Cleaner & Toughener “CT-8”

Description: Smith’s Cleaner & Toughener “CT-8” is a dual purpose product designed for the preparation of exterior textured concrete surfaces to receive Smith’s Decorative Concrete Products including Smith's Color Floor., Color Wall and Color Accents, Initially, CT-8 acts as a detergent to clean the concrete surface. Secondly, CT-8 toughens the surface of the concrete by interacting with weak spots created by un-reacted calcium hydroxide. CT-8 is biodegradable but should not be discharged as a powder or an undiluted cleaning solution directly into streams, ponds, lakes, etc.


  • Aggressive Cleaner
  • Strengthens concrete substrates
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low Odor

Recommended Use: Preparation of exterior textured concrete surface for the application of Smith’s Color Floor, Color Wall and Color Accents.

Not recommended for: Surface preparation of smooth troweled substrates as well as coating removal including paint, sealer and other film forming products.

Color: White powder


Technical Datasheet:

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