Product: NewLook Concrete Degreaser™ ~ Industrial Strength Degreaser

Description: The NewLook Concrete Degreaser™ is a proven, heavy-duty degreaser.  This concentrated cleaner can be diluted with water to provide an economical, effective cleaner.  Removes grease, oil, transmission fluid, adhesive, soil, and other foreign substances from concrete and masonry surfaces.  When used according to directions, Concrete Degreaser effectively cleans soiled concrete surfaces in preparation for application of NewLook Concrete Color Stains.


  • Use Newlook Concrete Degreaser on concrete and other durable hard surfaces to remove grease, oil, adhesives, and other heavily soiled areas.
  • Concrete Degreaser is especially useful in preparing concrete surfaces for Newlook Concrete Color Stains.


Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers. Coverage is approximately 200 square feet (19 square meters) per gallon.*

*Coverage rates will vary and are based on surface porosity, concrete texture, temperature, and method of application. Use a Newlook Applicator Brush to apply Solid Color Stain, Clear 32, Concrete Sealer, Eco Acid, Concrete Degreaser, and Concrete Cleaner. The Translucent Color Enhancer can be applied with virtually any tool, including the Newlook Applicator Brush. Contact your local supplier for product pricing and availability.

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Concrete Degreaser
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