Product: Graf-Ex - Graffiti Remover

Description: Graf-Ex is an easy-to-use, multipurpose modern day stripper designed to be used where safety and performance are of equal importance. Graf-Ex is a non-dilutable product that is outstanding in the removal of inks and paints from painted surfaces. Graf-Ex does not harm most substrates and will not raise the grain of wood, cause flash rusting in metal or damage fiberglass. Graf-Ex is also an excellent adhesive remover, from decals to construction adhesives. Non-Hazardous Low Odor Liquid Stripper


  • Removes ink, marker and graffiti from interiors, painted surfaces and fiberglass.
  • Removes decal adhesive from trucks, ATMs and sensitive surfaces.
  • Removes silicone caulk and sealer from sensitive surfaces.


  • Will not harm most substrates
  • Mild on skin
  • Non-flammable and biodegradable
  • Will not raise the grain of wood or cause flash rusting on metal


  • Will not work on epoxy or urethane type coatings
  • Do not use on Plexiglas. (Use Plexi-Clean).



Coverage rates will vary from 100 - 250 sq. ft. per gallon depending on the surface porosity, texture and severity of staining.

General Application:

Graf-Ex is used straight. Apply with a low pressure spray unit or wipe on using a cloth. Spray product on from the top down in an overlapping, side to side motion. A damp cloth is often all that is necessary to remove paint or ink. The material works better at an ambient temperature of 70° Fahrenheit range. Occasionally two applications (one following the other after a short soak time) will out perform a single application and mechanical removal. The material penetrates very quickly. Dwell times will vary with the thickness of the coating to be stripped. Graf-Ex can remove most materials in fifteen minutes. For best results, rinse masonry and stone with a pressure washer. Craftsmanship determines the appropriate pressures for rinsing. A thorough rinse job is always recommended, however, our chemistry never requires flooding a wall. Pressures that mark or damage the surface should be avoided. When in doubt, follow the manufacturers recommended P.S.I. for the substrate on which you are working. Proper ventilation should always be used when working indoors. It is recommended that skin contact be kept to a minimum and at least a water rinse after contact.

Technical Data:

  • Appearance & Odor: White to yellow over time, mild citrus odor.
  • Physical State: liquid
  • pH: 7.5


Technical Datasheet:

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