Concrete Cleaner: is a high-quality, multi-purpose cleaner and light degreaser that is generally used following applications of NewLook Concrete Color Stains™.

Concrete Degreaser: is a proven, heavy-duty degreaser.  Removes grease, oil, transmission fluid, adhesive, soil, and other foreign substances from concrete and masonry surfaces.

Concrete Absorbent: Liquid Waste Solidifier offers an environmentally safe way to dispose of unused water-based stains, paints, and sealers.

Cleaner & Toughener CT8: initially, CT-8 acts as a detergent to clean the concrete surface. Secondly, CT-8 toughens the surface of the concrete by interacting with weak spots created by un-reacted calcium hydroxide.

Green Clean: is a non-corrosive biodegradable gel developed to prepare a concrete substrate by producing a moderate surface texture. 

Orange Clean: is a natural degreaser containing d-limonene and positive emulsion cleaners. APF Orange Clean contains no petroleum solvents and has no flashback vapors when sprayed on surfaces.

Emerge: An all purpose cleaner with a label that says it all, "All you need for all you clean". EMERGE is a versatile concentrated cleaner for cleaning a multitude of hard surfaces.

Ef-Fortless - Efflorescence (Calcium Chloride) Remover: is a truly remarkable soap solution that melts away powdery efflorescence and haze from clean-up efflorescence, and helps to control its return. This product is mildly acidic and perfect for use on color sensitive surfaces, since it will not discolor brick, block or mortar.

Graf-Ex - Graffiti Remover:is an easy-to-use, multipurpose modern day stripper designed to be used where safety and performance are of equal importance. Graf-Ex is a non-dilutable product that is outstanding in the removal of inks and paints from painted surfaces.

HD Britenol - Cleaner Acid: can be used to clean any surface that has bad staining or discoloration. It is a safe siding stain remover for the home or deck. HD Britenol works great on wood, aluminum, vinyl, concrete, terra cotta, shingles, glass, brick, block or stone.

NMD80 is the safest, most effective and profitable way to clean new masonry. NMD 80 is a powerful detergent-based solution designed for safe and effective removal of efflorescence and mortar smears from masonry surfaces. It can be used on all masonry substrates including brick, stone, synthetic stone, pre-cast concrete, designer or colored block.

OneRestore Gel: is a versatile, gelled restoration detergent that allows extended dwell times for tougher situations. OneRestore GEL is capable of removing the deepest stains from a wide variety of surfaces, including metal oxide stains.

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