We provide a wide variety of concrete stamp tools and accessories to purchase or rent.
We understand what it takes to finish and do a job right, so
we include all necessary hand tools with our rentals.

We are the authorized distributor of Proline Decorative Concrete Tools, their line includes patented, shock-absorbing tampers, new, lightweight, hand-held billy banger tamper, touch-up wheels, joint texture strips, decorative concrete texture rollers, and more.

Touch-Up Wheels

Proline Touch up Wheel

  • Hammered Edge - Aluminum touch up wheel
  • V Groove - Aluminum touch up wheel
  • Flat - 1/4", 1/18", 3/8"- Aluminum touch up wheels
  • Round - 1/4", 3/8" - Aluminum touch up wheels
  • Textured - For sand textured Grout Lines 3/8" or greater in width

Proline Concrete Stamp Tools - Touch up Wheels

Joint Texturing Strip

Concrete Stamp Tool - Joint Strip


Proline is the innovator of the Joint Texture Strips.
These strips are designed to give your joints a hammered edge appearance. So simple to use by placing the strips inside your joint cuts, put a seamless texture on top and stamp with a tamper.


1" Wide, 1/4" deep, 65" Length

Concrete Stamp Tools - Joint Texturing Strip
1" wide, 1/2" deep, 63" length

Concrete Stamp Tools - Joint Texturing Strip
1 1/2"wide, 3/4" deep, 62" length

Concrete Stamp Tools - Joint Texturing Strip

12" Hammered Edge Chisel Standard Chisel - 4", 8" or 12
Proline Chisels - Hammered Edge Chisels

Stamp Tamper



Shock-Absorbing Tampers

This patented tool offers easy dismantel, an extra long grip, composite handle, removable locking pin, rounded corners and edges and self-aligning base. Most important, our Tampers have a shock-absorbing flexible coupling to take the pressure off the shoulders of the installer.

Sizes: 12" x 12" and 16" x 16"

Billy Banger

Hand Tamper - 
Billy Banger

It can be used both horizontally & vertically. It's small size is perfect for tight areas and stairs

Texturing RollersTexturing Granite or Stone Rollers

Touch up roller with a Granite or Stone Texture 4.5" or 9" in length. Fits standard paint roller handle.


Contractor Name Stamp

Looking to put your mark of excellence on your concrete job? Proline can produce a Custom Contractors Name Stamp for your business to advertise your work. The typical stamp is 2" x 5" and will allow 3 lines of print, however larger stamps can also be produced. Proline can also include a company logo. Size: 2" x 5" standard size- Many sizes available

 Name Stamp

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