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Smith Color Floor - Color Fuse

A decorative stain for concrete surfaces. Smith’s Color Floor is water submersible, alkali, weather and UV light resistant. These stains require a top coat and are compatible with solventbased, water-based, single and two component products, including but not limited to urethanes, acrylics and epoxy clear sealers.


  • Smith’s Color Floor is not compatible with Methyl Methacrylate or penetrating (e.g. sodium silicate) sealers.
  • Compatible with neutralized acid-based stains
  • Compatible with overlays, as a topical stain and as integral color
  • May be applied over previously sealed surface
  • Low Odor
  • Fast Air Dry
  • Overnight Deliverable — no Red Label
  • Low VOC
  • Interior and Exterior application

Recommended Use:

A user-friendly stain for concrete floors and other porous substrates. May be applied over sealed surfaces
Not recommended for: Non-porous substrates (e.g. metal, resin, fiberglass) when submerged in water or exposed to severe cold weather conditions.


Three different “Series” give the applicator a wide range of affects that they may obtain. All the colors in the Color Floor line are totally compatible with one another in both the dry and wet stage.

Classic Series: can be used for applications that range from high hide to transparent variegated appearance.

Smith Paints Classic Series


Old World Series: remain transparent even with multiple coats — appear very similar to acid stains.Smith Paints Old World Series


Bright Light Series: are high-chroma, intense colors for accenting or artistic differentiation.Smith Paints Bright Light Series

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