Product: CSI Concrete Dyes

Description: CSI Concrete Dye is a combination of specialty formulated dye / metal complexes concentrated in a water-based LOW VOC solution that can be diluted in water, alcohol, or acetone. Since CSI Concrete Dye is a concentrate solution, not a dispersion, it is ready for immediate use without any dwell or reaction time like dye powder concentrates. When applied to prepared concrete, polished concrete or overlays, CSI Concrete Dye will provide intense, translucent color effects, similar to stains, without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. CSI Concrete Dye is available in 16 standard colors.


  • CSI Concrete Dye is for use in interior applications only.
  • CSI Concrete Dye deeply penetrates and resides in the microscopic voids and substrate structure of properly prepared concrete and overlay surfaces.
  • CSI Concrete Dye is a viable alternative to traditional reactive stains, such as CSI ChromaStain*, when a larger color palette or ease of installation is required. CSI
  • Concrete Dye is also ideal for polished concrete due to its depth of penetration.
  • CSI Concrete Dye can be utilized in conjunction with all CSI Systems as a coloration tool in the production of concrete flooring and pre-cast elements provided that the installation will not be subject to UV Light exposure.
  • CSI Concrete Dye is manufactured as a VOC compliant liquid concentrate. It is designed to be diluted with a non aromatic or aliphatic solvent like water, acetone, or isopropyl alcohol - or a combination of those to create a customized marbling effect.


  • CSI Concrete Dye is not for use in exterior applications where surface is subject to UV Light exposure. Use only for interior applications.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners on treated surfaces.
  • Oil, grease, dirt, efflorescence, curing compounds, sealer, coatings, etc., will inhibit penetration into the concrete micro-voids and capillaries.
  • Once the substrate has stopped accepting the CSI Concrete Dye, no additional applications should be made. Dry, powdery pigment residue can begin to occur after over application.
  • Do not allow CSI Concrete Dye to freeze; do not apply CSI Concrete Dye in freezing temperatures; and do not apply to surfaces with temperatures below 40 °F or when such temperatures can be expected within 4 hours following application.
  • Protect surface against air movement or wind during initial application.
  • Clean all tools with acetone immediately after use.
  • CSI Concrete Dye will bleed dramatically compared to other staining products.

CSI Concrete Dye is available in 5 oz., 25 oz., and custom packaging sizes.

CSI Concrete Dye Color Charts*

Dye applied to uncolored gray concrete

Dye applied to CSI white base microtopping

The colors on this color card approximate, as closely as possible, the appearance obtained in natural light. Variables, including job conditions and finishing techniques, effect the final color. If color accuracy is critical, a pre-construction sample utilizing actual job site materials and construction methods is required.


Technical Datasheets
CSI Concrete Dyes
CSI Concrete Dye: Sweet Potato
CSI Concrete Dye: Pomegranate, Malt Brown, Warm Honey, Pineapple

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