Product: ProSpec BlendCrete

Description: ProSpec® BlendCrete™ is a single component, polymer-modified, cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound.


  • Rapid Cure Technology (RCT)TM
  • Fast-setting, low-slump repair mortar that can be trowelled, shaped and shaved
  • Integrated corrosion inhibitor
  • Can be applied overhead and vertically without using expensive forming procedures
  • Tenacious bond to substrates
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
  • Easy shaping and molding
  • One component incorporating water activated polymer system
  • Apply from 1/2" to 1" (13 to 25 mm)
  • Normal set time of 30 minutes; also available in 15 minute set time
  • Available in 3 gray colors and one white color

Typical Use:

  • Used interior or exterior, above or below grade and or on vertical, overhead and horizontal surfaces
  • Suited for patching distressed horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces including precast products, concrete pipe, curbs, sidewalks, bridges, panels and walls
  • Used to fill honeycombs, form tie rise holes, spalls or irregularities due to misaligned forms or unconsolidated concrete

Light, Medium and Dark Gray
Custom colors available upon request

50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag


Technical Datasheet:

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