Product: Straight High Curb & Gutter Forms



Dee Concrete Accessories high curb forms are used in curb applications when no drainage gutter is required. Dee makes a one piece full batter front form, and a one piece partial batter front form, for high curb forming fabricated to any height or batter desired. These 10' long forms have three tapered staking positions that provide the contractor with the ability to drive the stakes vertically regardless of the form's batter.


Typical Applications for commercial parking lots:

  • Movie theatres
  • Shopping centers
  • Convenience stores
  • Strip malls
  • Islands
  • Parking lot dividers
  • Perimeter edges not requiring drainage gutters

Easily and repeatedly usable in applications where drainage gutters are not required

Saves labor and material costs expended to build multiple sets of wood forms

Straight High Curb Forms Specs & Sizes

Front and back high curb forms are the same height and are available with either full batter or partial batter. Top spreaders are used to "lock" the forms together.

These full batter and partial batter front forms are used when the contractor will only work with one profile and is looking for top speed in setting a curb run. These high curb forms can be combined with Dee standard straight back forms, full division plates, and top spreaders to form a high curb profile straight as a die every time!

High curb forms are available in heights from 12" up to 24".


Straight High Curb Forms Parts List
Dee's Straight High Curb Forms are custom made to your specifications. The table below lists the ranges of sizes available for each of the parts needed to complete a configuration. Maximum form lengths are 10'0" lg.

To view an image of any product listed in the table below, just roll over the dee product number.


PartHeightsStyle of High CurbDEE    Product # 
Straight Back Form 12" - 24" Partial batter 216 View Part          
12" - 24" Full batter 216 View Part
6" - 24" Vertical face -
No batter
216 View Part
Straight Front Form 12" - 24" Partial batter 205 View Part
6" - 8" Curb face form - Partial batter 240 View Part
12" - 24" Partial batter -
Full height form
235 View Part
6" - 24" Partial batter filler form 255B View Part
12" - 24" Full batter 225 View Part
6" - 24" Vertical face -
No batter
216 View Part
Division Plates Up to 24" (x 12"w)                        
Partial batter 362 View Part
Up to 24" (x 12"w) Full batter 368 View Part
Up to 24" (x 12"w) Vertical face -
No batter
356 View Part

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