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In many parts of the world, MBW is best known for its range of vibratory plates. Product life often runs to decades with minimal maintenance. Maintenance costs are comparatively low...

This series of vibratory plates, the GP12, GP15 & GP18, are portable, and offer outstanding compaction performance. A patent-pending suspension system that places shock mounts in a predominantly shear mode at the high amplitude front end of the plate and a predominantly compressive mode at the low amplitude trailing end of the plate. This system reduces hand arm vibration and also better isolates all upper mass components, including the engine, from vibrations produced by the machine's exciter. With amplitudes up to .067 inches, centrifugal force up to 2780 lbf and travel speeds to 75 feet per minute these plates are ideal in confined areas of granular soils including sands, bank run, gravels and capable of achieving lift depths of up to 12 inches (31 cm).
These lightweight plates weighing 130 lbs (59 kg) to 161 lbs (73 kg) are easy to lift and maneuver about the jobsite. Accompanied by intense vibration this series of plates are ideally suited as an economical alternative for small to medium soil compaction applications.

MBW Vibratory Plates Series 1000 MBW GP12 Wheel Kit
MBW 1000 series Vibratory Plates MBW GP12 Vibratory Plates MBW GP12 Wheel Kit


• Honda GX120 Engine
• One piece exciter with self cleaning open base plate design
• Standard lift cage
• Optional transport wheel kit available
• Optional UHMW paving pad for placing interlocking paving stone/brick/block

Determine the amplitude for a reversible plate:

Equipment specifications should provide useful information to interested parties. Unfortunately, vibratory plate specifications not only fail in this regard, but mislead those who use the information. Operating Weight is regularly mistaken for Vibratory Mass. Centrifugal Force (CF) is of no practical use as stand alone data and is routinely mistaken for “compaction force”, which CF does not represent. Frequency is usually provided, but like CF lacks context as stand alone data. The problem is complicated by the fact that even when data is available, Frequency, Vibratory Mass and CF must be arithmetically linked to provide useful information. To that end, MBW has long recommended adoption of Vibratory Mass and Theoretical Amplitude (Amplitude) specifications. Vibratory Mass can be thought of as the portion of a vibratory plate’s Operating Weight set in motion to perform compaction work. Amplitude describes the arc or distance through which Vibratory Mass moves during the compaction process. The AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR arithmetically links Vibratory Mass, CF, and Frequency resulting in an Amplitudecalculation useful for comparative and/or fitness-for-use analyses.
To use the AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR, enter the CF, Frequency and Operating Weight of any vibratory plate. This information is usually found on manufacturers’ literature or websites. The AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR will apply CF and Frequency values as entered. However, the AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR will automatically adjust Operating Weight to 65% of the entered value to approximate Vibratory Mass. Because the method of approximating Vibratory Mass is applied equally to all plates, the approach demonstrates no particular bias and resulting Amplitude is of relative value for comparative and/or fitness-for-use analyses.

Single direction plate Amplitude is higher at the leading edge of the plate, lower at the trailing edge. The AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR provides the average Amplitude.

To determine amplitude for a reversible plate, first enter the published CF, Frequency and Operating Weight into the AMPLITUDE CALCULATOR. The result is Amplitude at zero travel or in the “spot compaction” mode. To calculate Amplitude at full travel, enter 70% of published CF. The two results provide an Amplitude range that varies substantially from zero to full travel.

To determine amplitude for a reversible plate use: Vibratory Plate Amplitude Calculator


1000 Series-Specification

Manuals and Literature

Vibratory Plates 1000 Series 
Vibratory Plates 1000 Series
MBW Vibratory Plates Series 1000 Brochure MBW 1000 series Vibratory Plates Manual


Vibratory Plates GP12 Wheel Kit Video
MBW's optional wheel kit allows for easy transport.
MBW GP12 Vibratory Plates Video MBW GP12 Vibratory Plates Kit Video






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