Product: 1500SL Premium Self-leveling Concrete Joint & Crack Sealant

Description: 1500SL Sealant is a a high performance one-part, moisture curing, self-leveling sealant for concrete or asphalt joints. Its non-gassing property makes it ideal for high temperatures and humid conditions


  • Non-gassing,
  • Remains flexible,
  • Excellent adhesion,
  • Excellent UV resistance,
  • Non-priming on most substrates
  • asphalt compatible (black only).


  • Do not apply over damp or contaminated surfaces.
  • Do not apply to absorptive surfaces such as marble, limestone or granite without prior testing for discoloration or staining.

Application and Tooling: 1500SL Sealant should be applied into the joint fitted with a backing rod. The substrates must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease. Do not apply on wet substrates. If tooled dry tooling is the preferred method. Sealant should not be applied with wet tooling techniques. The use of solvents, water or detergent solutions is not recommended

Painting: May be painted with latex-based paint after cure.

Cleaning: Remove 1500SL Sealant from gun and tools before it cures. This may be done by scraping and the use of solvents such as Xylol. Cured materials may be removed by cutting with sharp tools or sandpapering.

Storage Life: One year

Packaging: 28 oz. cartridge

Sealant: Concrete Joint and Cracking Sealant


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