Description: CASTinTACT® 3 is a dependable long term solution meeting ADA Federal Guidelines for detectable warning. Designed for exterior use at the bottom of curb ramps and other locations such as depressed corners, raised crosswalks, raised intersections, borders of medians and islands, the edge of transit platforms, and sidewalks where railroad tracks cross as required under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act - 28 CFR Part 35 Title II and 28 CFR 36 Title III. CASTinTACT® 3 - High strength cementitious concrete panels - enhanced with microsilica - reinforced with structural fibrillating monofilament fibers.

Cementitious concrete panels offer dimensional stability and compatibility to concrete; similar co-efficient of expansion as base. Superior strength, durability and abrasion resistance achieved with an engineered mix design.

Microsilica enhanced to increase compressive strength, abrasion resistance and reduce permeability to chloride ion intrusion; resists severe exposure to wet freeze thaw damage and de-icing chemicals.

Three dimensional reinforced with fibrillating monofilament fibers to increase flexural strength, ductility and toughness.
Panels are architectural finished to enhance concrete work. Full depth UV and weather proof integral colors provides long term visual contrast. Textured concrete finish for wet and dry slip resistance. CASTinTACT® 3 panels are uniquely installed in a patented early entry-fast set method that takes 10 minutes. Panels are recessed flush to surface and bond to concrete base becoming a integral and permanent part of the walking surface. Because they are concrete, they offer long term durability, compatibility, similar coefficient of expansion as the concrete base, and easy to clean, maintain and repair.

CASTinTACT® 3 Advantage:

  • Cementitious concrete panels used for both new construction and retrofit.
  • Easy to cut and core, uses on radiuses, around bollards, stairs, and vault boxes.
  • Textured concrete finish for wet and dry slip resistance
  • High compressive and flexural strength, durable, tough and crack resistant.
  • Compatible with concrete base, similar thermal co-efficient of expansion as base.
  • Resistant to severe exposure, wet freeze thaw damage from de-icing chemicals.
  • Panels become an integral and permanent part of the walking surface.
  • Unique patented early-fast set installation method that takes 10 minutes.
  • CASTinTACT® 3 panels do not float during installation. Panels stay where placed.
  • Eliminates air pockets, voids, tripping hazards and ballast weight used during installation.
  • Panels appearance improves with wear and age.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and repair.


  • Compatible with substrate; similar thermal coefficient of expansion as concrete.
  • Engineered panel resists damaging effects from deicing chemicals & freeze thaw cycles.
  • Cementitious concrete panels handle a wide range of temperatures.
  • Integrally pigmented panels maintain color fastness with exposure to weather and sunlight.
  • Concrete panels absorb and retain heat to melt snow and ice faster.


  • High strength cementitious concrete uniquely cast to produce a very dense compacted panel.
  • Three dimensionally reinforced to increase durability, fatigue resistance and flexural toughness.
  • Superior abrasion resistance is achieved with an interlocking mixture of granite and quartz aggregate.
  • Panels recess to become an integral, permanent part of surface.


CASTinTACT® 3 is offered with a five year limited warranty and will certify panels to meet or exceed internal standards as well as previously stated ASTM performance standards.


CASTinTACT® 3 Panel Photos:

Top View:

Dome Spacing and Texture:

Datasheets and MSDS:

CASTinTACT® 3 Panel Data
Fresh Set PreMix Data
Fresh Set PreMix MSDS


Early Entry Fresh Set Specifications
Full Depth Retrofit / Block Out Installation Specifications
Thin Set Installation Specifications

Panel Drawings:
2' x 2'    Panel
2.5' x 2' Panel
3' x 2'    Panel


MA CT2 (2' x 4' Tool)
MA CT3 (3' x 4' Tool)

US Patents 7,121,048 and 7,000,361.

Recess concrete with INSTALaTACT® tool, insert CASTinTACT® panel and finish level with concrete surface.

Note: Place CASTinTACT® 3 at the bottom of curb ramps and other blended transitions. Install across the full width of ramp a minimum 24" in depth and set back 8" from the curb line. Must provide visual contrast with adjacent walking surface. Provide adequate drainage to prevent water and debris buildup at bottom of ramp.

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